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Krum Kaishev

Krum Vladimirov Kaishev is currently pursuing his PhD at Varna Free University, focusing on analyzing Turkish foreign policy within the framework of the Strategic Depth doctrine. Alongside his doctoral studies, he serves as a coordinator for European programs at the Center for Heritage Interpretation, where he is actively involved in research, preservation, and promotion of Bulgaria’s cultural-historical heritage and the Balkan region. He has authored analytical articles focusing on Turkish foreign policy, as well as on geopolitical and geostrategic dynamics related to the Balkan-Black Sea region.


After This Year's Elections: The Evolving Landscape of Turkish Foreign Policy

The major question that concerns many analysts, governments, and elites around the world is the direction Turkey will take after this year’s elections. The ruling coalition between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) won a significant majority in the Turkish Parliament in the first round and ultimately emerged victorious […]