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Martin Tabakov

Martin Tabakov is a doctor of political science from New Bulgarian University. His specialized interests are related to Turkish and American foreign policy and he has published extensively on these subjects. Former adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.


India: a Potential Western Ally but with Divergent Values

After the conclusion of the Cold War, the international relations system was largely shaped by the American transcription of Westernism. It assumed the establishment of two norms: liberal democracy within states and globalist pan-Americanism in international relations. Although this symbiosis of liberal democracy and pan-Americanism failed to dominate the world entirely, it did register tangible […]


The Conflict in Nagorno-Kabakah: Old Actors, New Plots

The tension in the South Caucasus between Armenia and Azerbaijan is characterized not only by its sustainability over time but also by its periodic escalation, taking on military dimensions. Following the latest such eruption – the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War (2020), concluded with the signing of the respective ceasefire,[1] the conflict entered its familiar course: a […]