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Dimitar Katsarkov

Dimitar Katsarkov is a Hebrew scholar and a doctoral student in international relations. He specialized at the University of Haifa and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. He has worked at the Israeli Embassy in Bulgaria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Israeli Center for Science and Culture in Bulgaria, as well as at the “Orient Occident” foundation under a program of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Morocco and Egypt. At present, he is developing private consultancy activities for start-up companies seeking market realization in the Middle East and Africa. He is the author of numerous media and scientific articles.


The Middle East Between the Crisis in Israel and the Rise of Autocratic Regimes in the Region

Israel has been experiencing violent political turmoil over the past few years. After several electoral cycles since 2019, the elections held on 1st November have led to the election of the XXV Knesset in late December 2022. Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a strong coalition composed of only religious, Zionist, and right-wing parties. The stable majority […]