Operational and partnership opportunities

Currently the Institute of Conflictology acts as a thought house-club intended for empirical and scientific research of practical problem situations (big and small case). Institute’s followers, when they agree on the issue under discussion, meet whenever and wherever the needs, interests and leisure opportunities match.
  • Often we come together in a virtual format - both in dialogue and in group chat format. Any interested person, including a person who has never participated in the activities of the Institute, is entitled to propose a dialogue and debate. The topic of discussion shall be submitted to the Institute's contact person, Ligita Landzmane. When contacting Institute’s followers, their desire and opportunity to participate in the discussion is clarified. The contact person will inform the initiator of the discussion about the opportunity for discussion or the absence of opportunities.
  • We meet also formally - in work and discussion premises of various organizations. We meet this way if Institute’s follower wants to discuss a work-related problem, approbate a developed model or solve a problem. We also meet in such formal processes if the results of the Institute are presented or approved by formal institutions. We meet also in seminars and conferences - both in Latvia and abroad.
  • Most often we meet informally or privately - at one's home, in a lovely restaurant, on an interesting outdoor event. This way we also meet in dialogue and group discussion format. Anyone interested in such event is also entitled to suggest one. Unlike a virtual meeting, where it is necessary to submit only the topic of discussion to meet informally, an interested person must also submit a proposal regarding the time and place of the meeting. By contacting Institute's followers, their wish and opportunities will be determined regarding such informal event. About the opportunity or the absence of it, the contact person will communicate with the initiator of the event.

Can you become a member of the club-thought house? Yes, you can. Membership is open to everyone who is interested in discussions of scientific, economical, legal etc. content, event analysis, solution modeling.

Contact Institute’s manager Ligita Landzmane – bring up your ideas and find out your opportunities!


  1. ligita.landzmane@gmail.com
  2. info@conflictology.org

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Places for activities

The activities organized by the Institute of Conflictology take place at a time and place suitable for a particular event..