Currently realized program by the Institute

Research program “Innovation opportunities in HR development, evaluation and management”is being realized by the institute since the end of 2016. The program is planned to complete in 2020.

The program aims to:

  • ascertain whether the problem of economy in Latvia could be addressed by integrating and applying innovative HR development,improvement and management technologies in economic sector;
  • determine functional specifics of human and computer (as actual work force) within different work tasks and professional functions;
  • develop a conceptual model intended to organize and manage human-computer competence and performance;
  • study technological options to precisely combine functionality and performance of human and computer;
  • develop and approbate a conceptual model for HR evaluation and usage, which is scientifically and legally justified,ISCO 08 and Occupational Classification related, innovative, digitally usable.

First results:

The paper “Conceptual model for organization and management of human-computer competence and performance” presented in 2018 at international LU conference in section “Innovations for increasing the competitiveness of Latvian enterprises and industries in the context of globalization”.



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