Legal status of the Institute

According to statutes, the institute may realize its tasks by carrying out:

  • research work;
  • educational work;
  • consultation work;
  • project work;
  • business activities intended to reach its goals.

The Institute implements its planned tasks and achieves its goals under the management of the Board. The Board of Directors carries out the planning, organization and control of Institute's work by using private resources of the founder and the Board of the Institute.

Institute's Board of Directors, partnership experts and other partners are recognized, successful and active people in scientific, academic or professional activities. In cases of common interests the Institute followers, in their leisure time, work and co-operate in processes or projects organized by the Institute.

The Institute's board, partnership experts and other partners take part in activities organized by the Institute for free and without any reward. Participants attending meeting events cover their private expenses themselves.

The Institute thanks all those who have worked and taken part in Institute’s activities. We also welcome volunteers who choose and use opportunities offered by the institute in order to realize their interests.



Official information

Places for activities

The activities organized by the Institute of Conflictology take place at a time and place suitable for a particular event..